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Couple Two Tree

by Sequoia

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The Hunt 03:31
The good life tonight Set out at first light Stars abound, the embers all put out Listen to the sounds of night, you won’t hear in town By lamplight By lamplight You can’t hide Your lamp burns bright You track and chase it You take your aim So close you taste it Don’t hesitate So close you taste it By lamplight By lamplight You can’t hide Your lamp burns bright
The stars have all come out, but I can’t see These city lights distracting me, and I need Something, nothing more, I’d love to be Happy with the state of things, but that’s me I fall and I get up, I’ve learned to breathe The air set out in front of me, and it’s free To live is gift enough, I don’t need stuff Reminding me that I’m unique, ain’t life sweet
The Actor 03:43
These eyes have seen Enough to have opinions on things I won’t bore you, nor will I say Exactly what I mean You won’t fool me, I’ve known deceit A human chameleon I see I don’t know you, but I know your game Insecure of yourself, I’d say Walk through life like a one man play Learning different roles all along the way Outside I’d say you’re quite confused Everything you say and do is vague
Bitter 03:43
Inside, all the effort it takes to ignore Outside, brush away all the things I deplore Inside, keeping bottled up feels like a chore Outside, all my enemies knock at my door You’ll find, keeping calm is the sign of a storm In time, may we find what we’re all searching for What to fight for? Give a little more…
Lockdown 04:08
On lockdown today in this town The snow fell like rain, without sound All the CTA delays, I’m northbound I’ll sit at Jefferson Park and wait the storm out LOCKDOWN Chained to this town.. Can't leave this town.. The wind off the lake is frozen Draws tears from your face as it blows in LOCKDOWN Chained to this town.. Can't leave this town..
The Deep End 03:46
Life is like the deep end, you’ll notice You learn to sink or swim Keep your calm with deep breaths, you know this Make the bed that you sleep in Don’t hang on to bad thoughts, remind me I’m constantly upset Jealousy on defrost, I can’t see My vision’s not clear yet And I don’t need to tell you that, no way We both know the way it gets, insane (swim)
Headlines 04:14
I read a headline yesterday The city’s making me go gray The most stressful town they say In these United States Independence Park at night This bench is occupied It’s the same thing city-wide It’s the tragic side of life
Maze 05:09
If everyone lost their way No one would be left to blame Try to figure out my place Tell myself it’s not a race Life’s so strange Life’s so strange Another crazy busy day Getting lost inside the maze Life’s so strange You’re so strange Make complaints, ride the wave Take your shots and go away Take your shots and go away We don’t need your noise today
Ups and downs, I’ve had a few Lost and found, it’s nothing new Situations can’t be stopped Make the best of what you’ve got Why not later, what’s the rush We’ve got time, so what’s the fuss Face the day and stake your claim The best laid path is your own way We complain yet have it well Sipping decaf on the El Satisfy your every whim What you want at your finger tips
An Enemy 03:09
I could be there if you needed me But that’s not the case Instead you focus all your energy Pushing me away I can’t make you change the way you think Or tell you what to do But you know I’m not the enemy You’d better think it through
Pendulum 05:39
The weight of the world on me I don’t know A from B Tip-toe around on the edge Afraid to commit till the end Decisions, decisions are free I’m spent just trying to be A pendulum’s home in its swing Likewise I can’t stop to think It’s easier outside Than making the move for yourself Me, I’ve got more than I need That’s quite a stretch from complete I’ve got so much more I could give Complacent is no way to live It’s easier outside Than making the move for yourself It’s easier outside


“Couple Two Tree” is the third full-length from Sequoia, a now-four-piece band from Chicago, IL. After six years and two albums as a three-piece, longtime #1 fan Cully Johnston joined the fold on guitar and our heroes retreated to their practice space for three years, haunting the occasional stage and perfecting the songs collected on “CTT”. Classic riffage, No Knife-esque guitar interplay (or is that Thin Lizzy I hear?) and a Superchunky squall of fuzz are anchored by the intricate and scuzzy battery of Dan Wagner and Tim Jepsen. Meaty, propulsive rockers drive into spacey, ethereal tracks recalling Radiohead’s guitar-heavy eras, while Wade Work’s airy harmonies and vocal hooks nestle into the cracks between anthemic and intimate. His lyrics focus on his inescapable (though not for lack of trying) love of Chicago and the inhabitants who make it so maddening and wonderful.

Recorded by Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times) and Eric Abert (The Life and Times) at Matt Talbott’s Earth Analog Studios (nee Great Western Record Recorders), the production is everything you want from a big, raw mid-west rock record -- turn it up and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

-June 18-August 2011-

Recorded @ Earth Analog (aka GWRR) in Tolono, IL
Mixed @ Electronical in Chicago, IL
Engineered by Allen Epley & Eric Abert
Mixed and Produced by Allen Epley, Eric Abert & Sequoia
Mastered @ Saff Mastering by Carl Saff
Photos/Design by Tim Jepsen
Big shout-out to Matt Talbott for going above and beyond

All songs by Sequoia/All lyrics by Wade Work
Guitars/Vocals: Wade Work
Guitars/Executive Stress Eliminator: Cully Johnston
Bass: Tim Jepsen
Drums/Keyboards: Dan Wagner
Trumpet on Maze by Matthew Staudemeyer
Jim Beam Coinjanglers: Cully Johnston and Tim Jepsen

Lyrics are shown if you click on the song

This record is dedicated to the incredible life and memory of
Irma Lukas


released August 31, 2011


all rights reserved



Sequoia Chicago, Illinois

Sequoia is a rock band from Chicago.

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